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A new advanced Wonder Adsorbent that can remove Arsenic (III & V), Antimony, Cadmium, Copper, Chromium (VI), Lead, Zinc, Selenium, Uranium and many other heavy metals and produces Clean-Water. With its superior bacteria killing capabilities, it can also be used to kill bacteria in water. A high capacity, revolutionary Adsorbent that can do all the above mentioned at very low cost compared to other Titanium-oxide based existing technology. This breakthrough, took five years to develop the Double Capacity Titanium dioxide crystals into Patented Adsorbent.

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Includes one extra filter. That way you have no downtime as you regenerate your filter.

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  • Removes hundreds of man-made chemicals found in tap water.
  • Provides a simple, highly effective heavy metal removal mechanism
  • Removes 99% of heavy metals from water.
  • RO Quality water without the waste
  • No chemicals added to the water.
  • Regeneration of the filter is required to maximize the filter for 9000 gal. (The regeneration 48 hrs. of Sunlight is required and limited to 2 times max.)
  • No regeneration by-products.

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